Cosmetology Programs Are Not All The Same

If you have been looking into cosmetology programs, touring schools, and taking the first steps toward earning your cosmetology license, this fact has become glaringly clear.
While the basics of every program are the same, decided by the state through regulatory agencies, there are subtle differences in each program that may have a hand in determining what type of career path you follow after graduation, as well as the skill level you attain.

Learning as much as you can about each program is vital in your school choice.
Schedule a tour to learn more, and in the meantime get excited with some of the highlights of our cosmetology program at The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Shorewood.

Cosmetology Training For The Creative Soul

Creativity is deeply rooted in you. It has been since the moment you first picked up a pair of shears and gave your doll that much needed cut. It looked so chic, and you knew you had found your passion.

At The Salon Professional Academy, Shorewood, we seek to foster that passionate innovation with hands-on training that utilizes modern curriculum and products. We give your imagination room to soar, all under the instruction of our certified educators.

Training For More Than a Haircut

hair scissorsDelving deeper, our training focuses on today’s styles and techniques without sacrificing the necessary business management training. Challenging your skills with new and original techniques, we strive to build a whole student, prepared to sit for the state board, and ready for a long-term career in the industry.

A Diverse Family

Located in a family-centered shopping district full of stores and restaurants, TSPA Shorewood serves a community that stretches from Tinley Park to Ottawa, Naperville to Essex, and even further into Illinois and the great city of Chicago. Welcoming a community diverse in ages, ethnicity, and lifestyles through our doors, we are a home for career changers, single mothers, newly graduated seniors, and everything in between.

Cosmetology is career of passion, and that passion translates into the family and culture we have built here, a tradition that shines from the first day, to when our students sit for the state boards. With an 86% Licensure rate, that commitment to our students shines through.

Our Feature Rich Education

TSPA Shorewood is a certified Redken Diamond Academy. This certification gives our instructors an advanced training and you a greater opportunity to learn the latest in Redken products and training techniques sooner than most. We combine this excellent training base with monthly one-on-one coaching sessions that can give you an ample opportunity to excel with hands-on practice from your personal coach.

Utilizing a business management training that works with current trends and media to help build your brand and online presence, we integrate A NEW iPad® (included in your student kit), mobile devices, and social media in our curriculum. Preparing you for learning and your future career is our focus. Preparing you for today’s tech-based workspace with placement counseling and real world training is our passion.

All of this in depth training and attention soars in our newly remodeled facility that boasts modern features in a spa like atmosphere that can give our students the opportunity to fine-tune their skills in a premium environment.

cosmetology class

A New Future Is Waiting

At TSPA Shorewood, our goal is for your long-term success in the Cosmetology industry.  It’s our passion.  Let your creativity find a home where passions rule and your dreams can become a reality.

Have a question? Are you ready to begin? Contact our admissions department to learn more and begin the steps towards your own beautiful future.

What is MUD Makeup?

In 1997 the makeup world changed.

Seems like a pretty bold statement, but it’s true. You see, 1997 was the year that MUD Makeup was born, and ever since then the way makeup is taught and the products used has seen a shift.

At The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), Shorewood we are proud to offer MUD Makeup classes to our students. If you are interested in becoming Beauty Essentials certified, this class can get you there.

If you haven’t thought about a future in makeup before, or if you are considering all of the many different options out there, there has probably been a question nagging at the back of your mind.

What is MUD?

The Make-up Designory, or MUD, is the very simple answer to that question. The story of who they are, however, and how their education programs have changed this thriving industry is not quite so simple. So, pull up a chair, touch up your blush and get ready to fall in love with MUD.

What is MUD Makeup

Two Rooms to Two Continents

It all started in Toluca Lake, California when a few makeup professionals suddenly saw themselves flooded with hopeful apprentices wanting to break into the industry that they were so fond of.

Unable to help them all, they banded together and opened a small school in the area. And when we say small, we mean it, the tiny space only held two classrooms and a small receptionist area.

It was the perfect space, or so they thought. After only three years they had to move to a larger space in Burbank, CA to accommodate all of the hopeful artists that were flooding through their doors. It was here they began to produce their own products, requiring them to grow in both warehouse and administrative space.

Although the classes in Burbank still remain, their growth continues at an exponential rate, with a school in New York opening in 2005 and a larger location opening in California in 2014.
And all the while they continued to flourish, with partner schools joining their forces to expand the MUD brand and hold classes around the world.

It is of these partner schools that The Salon Professional Academy, Shorewood is proud to be a member.

Creating the Perfect Contour

MUD Makeup has not been around as long as they have been teaching. It was many years after the school was launched that the owners took their passions even further, developing a makeup that they feel covers better, applies smoother, and looks fresher than any other brand.

As with any creation, however, it was not without trial and error, and after many years of experimentation the perfected MUD Makeup was launched in 2006.

What is MUD Makeup

The Next Generation of Monsters

Over the years, MUD has expanded even beyond those original three classrooms, and through that growth their curriculum has expanded as well. Moving beyond the basics, they now offer classes in prosthetics, hairstyling, multimedia, special effects, and so much more.
If you are wanting a well rounded education in makeup, the courses offered through MUD could get you there, and they all start with the Beauty Essentials class offered at TSPA Shorewood.

The history of MUD may not stretch back generations, but the tenacious spirit of those first few, and the progress and growth that they have inspired after that has been impressive. There may not be monuments erected in their name, but they have certainly changed the face of make-up, and changed the way future artists are created.

If you are interested in learning more about the MUD Beauty Essentials course offered at TSPA Shorewood, or would like to know how a future in beauty could change your life, contact our admissions department today.