Tips to Totally Nail That Last Minute Costume

Picking the perfect costume can be very scary stuff. What’s worse is when the money spent leaves your wallet feeling GHOSTED, but have no fear. Making a decision is as easy as (pumpkin) pie with our list of tips and ideas.

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Cruise Past the Costume Shop

Sure, the designated seasonal costume shop might have everything you need in a pinch but it sure isn’t pinching pennies! Who really wants to spend money on cheap materials for one-time wear? Avoid jacked-up prices on awkward-fitting attire in a vacuum-sealed bag. Seek out nearby consignment stores and thrift shops to find unique, well-made pieces that are MUCH more affordable. You can find everything from bargains to designer for less than half the regular retail price.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Well what DID you find? With a store stocked up with oldies but goodies, maybe a unique idea will hit you like a witch’s spell. Perhaps the store will inspire your costume rather than the other way around. Retro plaid skirts can be TV show characters, female zombies, school girls, and anything preppy. Jeans and overalls can be worn, torn, or resewn into costumes for flower children, scarecrows, punks, celebrities, etc. Check out the men’s graphic tee section! You’re on your way to looking like AC/DC, Michael Jackson, or Nirvana.

Make a Statement

Stumped? Skip the over-the-top outfit! It only takes a single statement piece to stand out. You know what they say, “What, THIS old thing?” Time to recruit Pinterest! We love the dead give away hairstyles like ice cream cones, devil horns, cat ears, and pineapple! Too time consuming? Look what can happen when you get eyeliner-happy or overboard on contour! The only thing standing between you and your favorite Snapchat filter is the right colors. Boom. Your costume is KILLER good.

devil hair makeup

bat red glitter halloween makeup

simple skull makeup

One Ingredient Costumes

Sometimes an easy costume only takes one extra item to pull together. Take it from Jim Halpert! A name tag, face paint, or construction paper is all you need for Halloween hit.

jim halpert costume

ariana grande bloody costume

colored contacts halloween broken shattered iris

easy harry potter costume

Pun City

Dad jokes. You know you love a good one! Try wearing your favorite instead!
If nothing comes to mind, here are a few of our favorites.

  • Gold metal + loaf of bread = bread winner
  • Pants + Smarties + tape = smarty pants
  • Dress or suit + “apology” sash or poster = formal apology
  • White and yellow + devil horns = deviled egg
  • Baby carrier + bag of cane sugar = sugar mama

formal apology pun costume

The “No Costume” Costume

Even if you’re not feeling it or have next-to-nothing resources, some “costumes” speak for themselves.

(Image examples: “This is my costume” t-shirt or one that says “404 error: costume not found”. Dress up as a close friend or coworker or your dog.)

this is my costume shirt

Excited yet? With these tips laid out, picking the right costume is almost too easy. Instead of wondering what to wear, you’ll have a hard time narrowing it down to one! But everywhere you go, you’ll be the treat and THAT’S no trick.

Feeling the beauty queen look this year? Thrown on your best cat eye and party until the ghouls go to sleep! Take our quiz to find the perfect cat eye look for you.

Like these ideas? Maybe it’s time to start thinking about executing beautiful looks professionally. See if our cosmetology program is a right fit for you!