Business Skills Contribute To Success In The Beauty Industry

By Denise Freese

Attending Cosmetology school isn’t just about learning to style hair, apply makeup, give manicures, or understand skin care.   A thorough curriculum will offer you courses that teach business skills as well, and will prepare you in many ways for your eventual entry into the professional beauty industry.

The beauty industry offers many flexible, fun, and creative career paths. But there are behind-the-scene tasks that are important to your business, whether you work for yourself, own a salon and manage other people, or work for someone else.

business womanCommunication is an important skill that will serve you well as you establish your business. Knowing how to listen to your clients, and understanding what they want and need, is crucial, and is what will keep them coming back to you. Offering personalized attention will help establish a terrific working relationship with your clients.

Knowledge of accounting and its related areas, including budgeting and inventory control, , is critical.   Having a realistic budget will help with planning for your business; generating revenue and controlling expenses will increase your net profit. Understanding inventory control and ordering processes will reduce waste, keep costs down, help with efficient ordering of supplies, and will help you know what to charge your clients.

Marketing is another key area that requires good business skills. Today’s market requires that a business owner be technologically savvy in order to make good use of social media; visual and verbal marketing techniques will also increase your visibility in the marketplace. Establishing and maintaining a professional image will increase your appeal and draw clients to you. According to, top entrepreneurs never stop investing in the most powerful, effective business and marketing tool at their immediate disposal – themselves.

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