Salon vs. drug store products: which are best?

When shopping for hair care products, consumers have two choices:  they can purchase products at a drugstore or local grocery, or they can buy from a salon.  The question is whether there is a difference in the products, and whether the higher cost of salon merchandise is worth it.

There are many different hair products available for both women and men.  Shampoos, conditioners, and styling products are among the most popular.  The advantage of purchasing from a drugstore is that prices are generally less than what you’ll pay at a salon.  And it’s usually more convenient, since shoppers visit drugstores and groceries more frequently for other products.

But products from those sources, while they may contain high quality ingredients, only contain small amounts of them.  They also tend to contain chemicals that can strip hair of natural oils, causing it to dry out.  Products are sometimes diluted with fillers that make hair feel soft, but can leave build-up between washings.

Salon products are a little more expensive because they’re concentrated with high quality ingredients.  They don’t include fillers, and usually have vitamins, minerals, and oils that nourish the hair.  The ingredients won’t leave a waxy build-up, and because these premium formulas are highly concentrated, you don’t need to use a lot.  Mixing a small amount with water gives you plenty to work with.  Salon products tend to last longer and have higher quality ingredients that are better for your hair.

Salon products are also superior for treating processed or unhealthy hair.  Added proteins nourish hair, and don’t have sulfates or alcohol that cause hair to become brittle over time.  If you make the investment to color your hair at a salon, it’s best to protect your investment with salon products. Stop in at TSPA Shorewood and let one of our professionals in training help you find the perfect product! Redken truly has something for every hair type with the highest standards in quality.

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