Cosmetology? Make The Salon Professional Academy, Shorewood Your First Stop.

So you want to go to beauty school? It’s not as uncommon of a desire as you might think! In fact, with huge opportunities and an accelerated growth rate, a career in cosmetology could lead to a successful future.

Before you get there, however, you have to learn the skills, techniques, and trends that make up a successful cosmetologist, and that means picking a school that will get you there.

At The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Shorewood we know that your school choice can be a difficult process that could lead you to many different options. No matter where you end up, it is important that you find the right fit! If you are having trouble deciding we have some advice that could help!

Don’t be scared by the start, be excited for the journey!

TSPA Student Life
TSPA Student Life

The Reputation

The reputation of a school really does matter. In fact, the reputation is the first thing you should be looking at, even before heading in for a tour. That doesn’t mean that you should be checking every single review site and calling it good. Dig a little deeper so you can get a complete picture of a school’s viability.

  • Review Sites

    – Yes, while review sites are good – they shouldn’t be all that you are looking at.

    Look at places like Yelp, Google, and Facebook to get a completed snapshot of client and student reviews and give yourself a general overview. Doing this can help to give you a good foundation of information.

  • Local Salons

    – Believe it or not, local salons are going to be your biggest tell as to the reputation of a school. Because they interview (and even hire) recent graduates they should have the best information as far as the quality and longevity of the education that those schools are offering.

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The Education

The education you receive can help shape the career and future you build. It is one of the reasons you should ask questions and do your research on all aspects of your education, from lessons to instructors. The best way to do that begins with scheduling a tour at your prospective schools.

To schedule your tour at TSPA Shorewood, drop us a line. We would love to have the opportunity to introduce you to our school.

Not sure what to expect on your tour? Read on to discover what you should be looking for on each of your beauty school tours.

  • Accolades

    – There are many different types of accolades a cosmetology school can get that will help them deliver the quality of education you are looking for. Understanding each of these can help you know what the school provides, as well as how it can benefit you.

    1. Accreditation– Organizations like the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences(NACCAS) work with schools to monitor certain education standards and facility requirements that can help to assure students that they are getting a quality education.
    2. Brand Affiliation– Schools will often align with brands with the goal of building partnerships to assist students to gain access to new products and training before it is widely available. At TSPA Shorewood we are proud to have a relationship with Redken and offer their training to our students.
    3. Curriculum– There are a few different types of curriculum that beauty schools could use in their programs. When on your tour, ask about the curriculum, what it offers, and what focuses it has that could benefit you in the future.In addition, make sure to ask about their business skills course work. A focus on these skills could make a huge impact in your future career.
  • The Facility

    – Before you head in for a tour, do a bit of research as to what is expected when you work in a salon. What types of tools and equipment do you want to see, what is important, and what is top of the line?

    Although you might already know the answer to many of these, having a clear idea will help you know what to look for.

    You want an education that will prepare you for the real world, after all, and the facilities of your school should match your expectations.

    With beautiful new training areas, we hope you will feel like you are stepping into a high-end spa and salon when you visit TSPA Shorewood.

Students at the Salon Professional Academy in the locker room
TSPA Student Life

The Culture

You are going to be spending a lot of time at your new school, so you want to feel welcomed every time. You want to feel like you are coming home.

Much of what can create that feeling comes from the culture of a school, and how well you fit into it.

Gauging a culture of a school can be hard, which is why we suggest a few easy things that can help you know what to expect when making your school decision.

  • Observe a class

    – Sometimes schools will have open houses or other activities that will give you a chance to observe the campus and experience life as a student. These can be one of the best ways to gain a feel for the culture of the school, and experience life as a cosmetologist first hand.

  • Receive a Service

    – While getting a hair, skin or nail service in our Student Salon Training Area you have the opportunity to observe what it will be like to be a TSPA student and see our culture first hand. You will also experience the skill level and professionalism our students have learned, all while our students perform the salon services all around you and as part of their practical training. Not to mention getting pampered in the process.

The Long Term

Many people do not think of this when choosing a beauty school, but often a school’s impact in your long term can be as big of a deciding factor as education or reputation. After all, you receive so much support while you are in school, it shouldn’t end the moment you graduate.

When you are on your tour, make sure to ask about their role in your career after all of your hours are obtained. Do they offer additional training? Do they have any job placement services? When you attend a school, you are entering a family – and with any family you wouldn’t expect them to just disappear.

At TSPA Shorewood we are here for our students long after graduation with courses that can help them further their careers, career placement assistance, and even a cup of tea when you need to talk. Just like mom made.

Are you ready to take that first step? Schedule your tour today and discover the atmosphere and culture of our beautiful facility for yourself. At TSPA Shorewood we do more than teach beauty, we live it.

Let us welcome you home today.