Take Your Makeup Skills to the Next Level With Our MUD Program!

Have you always wanted to improve your makeup skills? Are you curious about what’s new in contouring? Interested in creating impeccably precise eyebrows? We’ve got good news for you. The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), Shorewood offers a MUD (Make-Up Designory) course for students who are wild about makeup. While it’s possible to perfect makeup skills through trial and error and YouTube tutorials, this course provides a professional makeup education.

About MUD and the Course

MUD products were designed for real-world application. The life of a professional makeup artist can be rigorous and fast-paced. MUD products are designed for easy application and flawless performance. MUD’s usable, effective products have been a staple in the fashion and beauty industry since 1997.

Small light palette kit.

At TSPA Shorewood, our 84-hour MUD class covers the following:

  • Makeup theory
  • Base and foundation technique
  • Corrective skills and application
  • Highlight and shadow unit
  • Eye and lip technique
  • Beauty makeup
  • Natural makeup

Why Choose Makeup Artistry?

For those who have always loved art and creating things with their hands, makeup artistry could be a natural career choice. As a makeup artist, your products are the palette and your client’s face is the canvas. The world of beauty is constantly changing, which means makeup artists get the chance to try new trends, new products, and new techniques. If you want a career where you can continuously express creativity and try new things, our MUD class can help you prepare for that!

Makeup artist with toolkit around her waist prepares to do a client's makeup.

What Kind of Future Can I Have in Makeup Artistry?

With training in makeup artistry, there are a wide variety of career options available to you! From working as a bridal makeup artist to traveling with photographers to work on photoshoots, makeup artistry can open up many creative doors. With MUD training and certification, you could work as a makeup artist on a TV set, a beauty advisor behind a counter, or as a personal makeup artist for celebrities and other public figures. Having a real makeup education behind you is a smart idea if you want to establish a solid career in the beauty industry.

Get Started on Improving Your Makeup Skills!

It’s time to take your love of makeup and natural creativity to the next level! Get in touch with us today to learn more about the MUD course. We’re here to help you live your passion and achieve your goals. You can contact us today to learn more information about this course and our cosmetology program or call us to schedule a tour of the school.

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