Five Unique Jobs for Cosmetologists

Are you looking to pursue a career in cosmetology? Or have you been working in the field for a while and are looking to change it up in a fun and unique way?
Either way, this blog is for you.
Contrary to popular belief, cosmetology is more than just cutting hair. That is reflected in many of the unique and diverse jobs that you can pursue. You don’t have to work in salon if you don’t want to.
While a heavy knowledge of hair cutting and styling is helpful to pursue the future of your dreams, many futures are available to stylists in all stages of their career.
Ready to take a chance and try something new? Here are some career path options that you may not have thought of.

    • Runway and Photo Stylists

      fun cosmo jobsHave an artistic flare that is dying to come out? With extreme styles and bizarre visions, the hair that graces runways and eclectic photos takes a unique flare to create, and if you are up for the challenge, this could be perfect for you.

    • Brand Artistic Director

      Salons, clothing lines, makeup brands, they all need someone to make sure that their look and style stays consistent through their advertising and products. To do this they need people with an artistic eye and the ability to consistently create magic. Want to challenge yourself by creating new looks on a daily basis, and even teaching them to others? Look into this field.

    • Salon Owner

      fun cosmo jobsWhile this may be the future that many who go into cosmetology school are expecting, it is not one that many continue forward to pursue. But with the opportunity to create an amazing brand that captures your personal style, it might be worth another look.

    • Cosmetology Instructor

      You love hair. And now that you have your certificate in hand and have been working in the field for a while you are constantly helping the newer stylists master techniques. You love to teach them things, something you never expected. Perhaps it’s time to look into a future as a cosmetology teacher.

    • Film or Theatre Stylists

      While not as eclectic and trendy as photography or runway work, there is always a healthy need in the film and theatre industry for cosmetologists that can create a consistent look for productions. If you want to create beauty that will be loved by hundreds, consider breaking into this highly competitive field.

    • Blow Dry Specialists

      fun cosmo jobsSpecialty salons are growing at an unheard of rate at the moment. With the popularity of the Brazilian Blowout and other services these one off service centers are popping up everywhere. This could be a chance to perfect a skill, or even begin your own business as the popularity grows.

    • The Unthought of Salon

      There are always those salons that no one thinks about, those positions that are open and waiting, but so obscure that often times they are off people’s radar. Positions are often available in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospice centers or services, and in on-site care facilities that need to be filled to assist those living there. Unable to leave their homes these wonderful people want to look their best, but need help to make that happen. You will be giving back to a generation that gave to you, doing wonderful work and hearing amazing stories.

No matter what you choose however, one thing is certain – you could be cutting and styling hair – and you will love every minute of it.

Is hair artistry your passion? Get started with one of our cosmetology programs today and put yourself on the path to a career that will ignite and inspire you for years to come!

Is Cosmetology All Just Hair?

Thanks to TV sitcoms and rom-com movies, you might be led to believe that cosmetologists spend all of their time putting clients under giant hair dryers and chatting away with other stylists. While we laugh at that funny stereotype, we know that hair isn’t the only skill that cosmetologists have. In fact, their skillset is quite diverse. Here are 3 things you might be surprised to learn that cosmetologists are taught in school.

shorewoodesthetician (1)


That’s right! Cosmetologists learn basic skincare treatments and skills in addition to hair techniques. Facials, waxing, and other spa services are taught during our cosmetology program so that our students are comfortable in a variety of salon and spa settings. While not every cosmetology program in the world will teach these skills, it is fairly common for them to be included in the curriculum.

Cosmetologists can, in fact, work in a spa or salon as an esthetician. They may also choose to pursue esthetics on the side, but that’s entirely up to them!

shorewoodmakeup (1)

Makeup Artistry

While makeup artistry is commonly bundled with the esthetics portion of the program, it can be separate, and this skill is definitely its own job! Makeup artists are in demand everywhere from TV to runways. Many cosmetologists pursue this fruitful career full time after graduation and some elect to add this to their service menu at the salon.


Business Skills

Your mom’s friend who owned a salon? Yeah, she was probably a licensed, trained cosmetologist who was taught the value of being a great business owner in addition to being a talented stylist. Here at The Salon Professional Academy Shorewood, we believe in helping our students learn not only the practical and theoretical side to cosmetology but the business and marketing side, too. Our students can learn guest relations, mobile device business integration, and social media marketing.

Sound Interesting?

Not every beauty school offers all of these skills in their curriculum, but we do! If you’re interested in learning esthetics, makeup artistry, and business skills all while learning to become a hairstylist, check out our program! We offer both full time and part time classes for a more flexible schedule. In addition to our flexible schedule benefits, we also offer financial aid and scholarships to those that qualify. If you have any questions regarding our school or program, please, contact us!