A Beautiful New Year’s Resolution: Your Career

We made it! 2019 is upon us and we are ready for it. Goodbye negative energy and hello positive vibes, people, and opportunities! Turn 2018’s problems into 2019’s resolutions. If any of the following concerns have ever crossed your mind, we’d say a beautiful career is your New Year’s resolution indeed! At The Salon Professional Academy, (TSPA) Shorewood, you can make your dream job your personal goal this year.

2019 happy new year

I Don’t Like My Job

Let’s face it. You need a career that suits you as well as the perfect red lip! There is no shame in shopping around and to find just that. In fact, it may even take trying out a job to find that it wasn’t for you after all. Whether you are looking for a change of scenery, growth opportunities, entrepreneurship, or creativity, schedule a tour with TSPA Shorewood!. Beauty school may just be the missing piece.

Want to leave an unfulfilling position? Embrace our full-time cosmetology program to get you on the fast track toward a rewarding career! You can even reduce your current job hours and attend beauty school part time. Here at TSPA Shorewood, we want to see you thrive on the schedule that best works with you.

College Isn’t For Me

Interested in furthering your education? College can be long, strenuous, and expensive. The classroom setting isn’t for everyone and their learning style. Specialize in the trade you’re passionate for! Get licensed and enter the professional workforce in a fraction of the time AND cost!

college is hard

I Need to Begin My Professional Work Life Fast

Your future career can feel so far away. Traditional college can takes four years (or more!). Many trade schools take at least two years. Resume-building takes years of job experience. Even self-starts can take years to build clientele and turn profit. What if we told you you could be working in the beauty industry by this time next year? If you are ready to begin that beautiful career, we can help you get there.

I Don’t Want to Work for Anyone Else

You’re speaking our language! Licensed cosmetologists can have the freedom to work where and when they want. Whether you rent a chair at a salon or work right in the comfort of your own home, being your own boss provides the freedom to pick your days of the week, hours of the day, and when to take those much needed brain-food breaks! Building your own guest book also means taking on clients you jive with. Work with those who are willing to work with you and time spent behind the chair will feel like time spent with friends.

woman opens own salon

I’m Not Passionate About My Career Path

You absolutely CAN do your passion for a living! Instead of 40 weekly hours of feeling burnt out and bored in a career you’re not passionate about, you can thrive in an environment where you can create, inspire, and grow. As a cosmetologist, you can beautify your clients, make new friends, become a business owner, and look forward to the next day, everyday.

do what you love what you do

You deserve a future that is fulfilling and rewarding. At TSPA Shorewood, we not only want to help you succeed, but desire to give you the tools and knowledge to get there. Any doubts you have for 2019 could just be what lead you to our front doors.

Want to learn more about what TSPA Shorewood has to offer? Schedule a tour today to explore campus and meet our staff!

{Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. For more information about our graduation rates, the median loan debt of students who completed the program and other information visit www.tspashorewood.com}

Holiday Hair Hacks

The holidays are upon us! It may be the most wonderful time of year, but we imagine your end-of-the-year schedule looks a little something like this: school, work, shopping, celebrating, and maybe even a little stressing. Let us lighten the load with plenty of hairstyle ideas for the holidays. Whether these stresses include rushing from a long day at work to a formal dinner or getting caught in the rain while shopping, messy hair doesn’t have to be one of them. Read on to check out some sweet styles this season.

A Girl All Gift Wrapped

“Be present” they say. Yes, live in the moment and enjoy life, but we say snag the look to match. Polished and all wrapped up is surely the PACKAGE deal.

Ribbons and Bows

Ribbons are inexpensive, easy, festive, and oh-so feminine! Search your gift wrapping drawer or that pile of old accessories for the perfect finishing touch.

blonde low classy bun black ribbon

blonde half up half down red ribbon

high ponytail black ribbon

Hair Bow

Couldn’t find one? BE one! The internet is chalk-full of tutorials to guide you through the steps.

Got second-day curls? Try a half-up, half-down for a romantic, flirty look, perfect for avoiding food in your hair on Turkey Day.

how to do a hair bow

Need something simpler? Gather your hair into a ponytail and wrap around twice, only pulling it halfway through your hair tie. Divide bun in half, and wrap tail down the middle. You are ready and on your way to anything from caroling to the New Year’s Eve party.

how to do hair bow bun

Position your pony lower for a sleek, elegant look, perfect for a Christmas dinner!

low bun hair bow elegant

Easy Updos You Can Totally Do Right Now

From class to classy, sometimes you need a look that will last all day. Represent grace and elegance with ‘dos that are easier than you think! These looks are the best mix of classy and low-maintenance.

Start by dividing hair into two sections: one small and one large. Tie the larger section into a low side-bun, using the other section to hide the hair tie. Throw on that sequin dress and go!

elegant easy low updo

Hide greasy hair and make a mane look thicker in minutes with this volumizing updo! Section hair and braid. Pancake the braids and start pinning! You just might be pleasantly surprised with how it turns out.

festive fishtail holiday updo

Remember that fourth-grade flip trick? Flip a few extra times and add some bobby pins. Leave them wondering how you did it!

easy low updo bun

Save It For a Rainy Day

Between rain, snow, or just plain cold this time of year, weather can be as untempered as neon box dye. Sometimes you need a quick hair solution to keep that mane tamed all day! Here’s a few looks that will stay put in any weather condition! Bad weather won’t stop your REIGN. Work it, rain or shine!

Dutch Braid hair only halfway down for a trendy take on a classic style.

pancake dutch braid ponytails

Ever tried a sock bun? Keep a sock in your purse or car for anytime your mane could use a revamp!

sock bun top knot

Hide those baby hairs or post-rainstorm damp wispies with these low buns and twisted bangs!

low twisted space buns

Messy-Bun Mastery 101

There are several ways you can execute a how-did-you-do-that messy bun! Luckily with so many methods, it doesn’t have to be trial and error on repeat. Scour the internet for tutorials to find one that works for your hair.

twisted bun hack

full top knot hack

second-day hair solution curly loose bun

All the Bells and Whistles

Ready to make a statement? If you’d like to turn heads at the next holiday party, you might want to give these stunners a go! We found a few festive looks from Pinterest that will sure catch all the oohs and ahhs.

christmas tree ribbon hair creative

winter accessories hair ideas

holly berry winter hair


Icy blonde

Don’t ice out your hair color! In fact, perhaps that’s exactly what you should do! At your next hair appointment, ask your stylist about purple shampoos, gray toners, and ashy hues to execute a gorgeous winter bright white like these. Whether it’s a few subtle highlights, natural lowlights, or full blown-bleach blonde, you’ll be crowned Ice Queen!

pin straight ombre ash blonde hair

full ashy icy blonde curls

long platinum blonde curls

Oh So Cool

Cool (toned) hair doesn’t just belong to blondes! Go from stark brown to tailored taupe with the right cool-toned toner! You’ll love mixing it up without going overboard.

dark gray hair

blue gray hair

A Pop of Color

Look POPPING with an unexpected color! Any shade of maroon or those cool-toned colors we are partial to will surely festivise your ‘do!

cute plum highlights

rose gold dusty maroon hair

Shine bright like a diamond with this crystal-colored blue.

platinum ice blue hair

Celebrate the holidays in style with looks that’ll make heads turn! If you’re scouting for more hair ideas, check out our favorite products here!

Like what you see? You can learn to recreate these looks as a cosmetology student! Take a tour with us to see if The Salon Professional Academy, (TSPA) Shorewood is right for you!

{Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. For more information about our graduation rates, the median loan debt of students who completed the program and other information visit www.tspashorewood.com}

Tips to Totally Nail That Last Minute Costume

Picking the perfect costume can be very scary stuff. What’s worse is when the money spent leaves your wallet feeling GHOSTED, but have no fear. Making a decision is as easy as (pumpkin) pie with our list of tips and ideas.

TSPA-Shorewood-Infographic-Oct2018 (1)

Cruise Past the Costume Shop

Sure, the designated seasonal costume shop might have everything you need in a pinch but it sure isn’t pinching pennies! Who really wants to spend money on cheap materials for one-time wear? Avoid jacked-up prices on awkward-fitting attire in a vacuum-sealed bag. Seek out nearby consignment stores and thrift shops to find unique, well-made pieces that are MUCH more affordable. You can find everything from bargains to designer for less than half the regular retail price.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Well what DID you find? With a store stocked up with oldies but goodies, maybe a unique idea will hit you like a witch’s spell. Perhaps the store will inspire your costume rather than the other way around. Retro plaid skirts can be TV show characters, female zombies, school girls, and anything preppy. Jeans and overalls can be worn, torn, or resewn into costumes for flower children, scarecrows, punks, celebrities, etc. Check out the men’s graphic tee section! You’re on your way to looking like AC/DC, Michael Jackson, or Nirvana.

Make a Statement

Stumped? Skip the over-the-top outfit! It only takes a single statement piece to stand out. You know what they say, “What, THIS old thing?” Time to recruit Pinterest! We love the dead give away hairstyles like ice cream cones, devil horns, cat ears, and pineapple! Too time consuming? Look what can happen when you get eyeliner-happy or overboard on contour! The only thing standing between you and your favorite Snapchat filter is the right colors. Boom. Your costume is KILLER good.

devil hair makeup

bat red glitter halloween makeup

simple skull makeup

One Ingredient Costumes

Sometimes an easy costume only takes one extra item to pull together. Take it from Jim Halpert! A name tag, face paint, or construction paper is all you need for Halloween hit.

jim halpert costume

ariana grande bloody costume

colored contacts halloween broken shattered iris

easy harry potter costume

Pun City

Dad jokes. You know you love a good one! Try wearing your favorite instead!
If nothing comes to mind, here are a few of our favorites.

  • Gold metal + loaf of bread = bread winner
  • Pants + Smarties + tape = smarty pants
  • Dress or suit + “apology” sash or poster = formal apology
  • White and yellow + devil horns = deviled egg
  • Baby carrier + bag of cane sugar = sugar mama

formal apology pun costume

The “No Costume” Costume

Even if you’re not feeling it or have next-to-nothing resources, some “costumes” speak for themselves.

(Image examples: “This is my costume” t-shirt or one that says “404 error: costume not found”. Dress up as a close friend or coworker or your dog.)

this is my costume shirt

Excited yet? With these tips laid out, picking the right costume is almost too easy. Instead of wondering what to wear, you’ll have a hard time narrowing it down to one! But everywhere you go, you’ll be the treat and THAT’S no trick.

Feeling the beauty queen look this year? Thrown on your best cat eye and party until the ghouls go to sleep! Take our quiz to find the perfect cat eye look for you.

Like these ideas? Maybe it’s time to start thinking about executing beautiful looks professionally. See if our cosmetology program is a right fit for you!

Our Staff’s Favorite Products

If you’re anything like our team here at The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), Shorewood, then you’re probably a beauty product fanatic. While we’re all in love with a whole lot of products, there are a few that stand out. We surveyed our staff and came up with this list of our favorite tried and true hair products!

Redken One United All In One Multi‑Benefit Treatment

Who doesn’t love a good multitasking product? This hair treatment has 25 benefits for the hair all in one bottle! It detangles, helps prevent damage, adds smoothness and shine, and on top of all that, smells amazing. It’s also extremely easy to use. Just spray it on damp hair and enjoy the benefits. This is a multi-benefit product for everyone!

Redken One United All In One Multi‑Benefit Treatment

Image courtesy of Redken’s official website.

Redken Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner

If you’re investing in your hair color, you want to protect it. The Redken Color Extend range of shampoos and conditioners keeps colored hair radiant and shiny. It also contains UVA and UVB filters. This is a great way to cleanse and condition your hair while making sure the color stays salon fresh.

Redken Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner

Image courtesy of Redken’s official website.

Redken Extreme Shampoo and Conditioner

From heat treatments and bleaching, to swimming in chlorine or salt water, it’s pretty easy to damage your hair. That’s why we love Redken’s Extreme Shampoo and Conditioner. It works to fully repair damaged hair by restoring protein to the entire strand from root to tip! We recommend this product to anyone with damaged hair to restore strength and prevent breakage and split ends. In our experience, the results of this line do the talking. We’ve found that guests who use the products from the Extreme line have seen a 75% reduction in hair breakage.

Redken Extreme Shampoo and Conditioner

Image courtesy of Redken’s official website.

Redken Color Extend Blondage Shampoo and Conditioner

This is the perfect shampoo for blondes who want to beat the brassy look. Redken’s violet Blondage products help maintain colored blonde tones. It can be used at home to maintain a beautiful salon blonde all the way until your next blow-dry. We even use it to immediately correct unwanted warm tones at the shampoo bowl in our salon!

Redken color extend blondage purple shampoo

Image courtesy of Redken’s official website.

Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer Spray

The Pillow Proof spray is the perfect first step for a blowdry. It’s a lightweight spray that protects your hair from damage during blow drying. It also can dramatically reduce your blow drying time both at home and in the salon. It’s as simple as shaking up the bottle and spraying on damp hair before turning the dryer on!

Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer Spray

Image courtesy of Redken’s official website.

Suggestions from Our Staff

If you want to do a healthy, easy, beautiful blowout at home, here are some tips on using the products:

  • Shampoo your hair with the Extreme Shampoo and Conditioner.
  • Towel dry your hair and spray One United all over it.
  • Comb or use a detangling brush and then spray the Pillow Proof product all over hair.
  • Dry your hair from the roots toward the ends with a blow dryer.
  • When your hair is dry, use a round brush to add bounce and volume starting at the crown and surrounding your face!

Looking for these products at a great price? We are a full-line retailer of Redken products at TSPA Shorewood. Come pick up a few! Your hair will thank you.

Want to Join The TSPA Shorewood Family?

If you want to work with our awesome staff here at TSPA Shorewood, enroll in our cosmetology program! You can contact us to learn about scheduling a tour, financial aid options, and applying to the program today. We’d love to welcome you to the team!

Check out our blog to learn more about what’s going on at TSPA Shorewood!

Take Your Makeup Skills to the Next Level With Our MUD Program!

TSPA Shorewood’s Top Five Salons Spotlight!

TSPA Shorewood: Official Redken Diamond Academy

Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. For more information about our graduation rates, the median loan debt of students who completed the program and other information visit www.tspashorewood.com

All services performed by students under the direct supervision of licensed professionals.

Why You Should Choose Cosmetology if You’re Creative

Creative people see the beauty in everything, whether it’s a tree, a flower, or a person. Studying cosmetology can be a great choice for creative people because it allows you to create beauty every single day. Whether you’re applying makeup to a client’s bare face or designing an elaborate braid, this is an industry made for creative individuals. You may be wondering what creative careers are available for cosmetologists outside of styling hair in a salon. Don’t worry– there are plenty of options! We’ve chosen five of our favorites to give you a taste of what a future in cosmetology could look like.

Makeup Artist

A job in makeup artistry can be ideal for anyone who loved art class. Brushes and products are your tools and your client’s face serves as the blank canvas. As a makeup artist, you can work at a beauty counter, in a salon, or privately for specific clients. Makeup artists are highly sought out in the wedding industry, as most brides and bridal party members want professionally done makeup for the big day. This career could provide you with a diverse clientele and various opportunities to use your creativity to try out new styles and trends!

Dark haired makeup artist applies eye makeup to dark haired woman.

Editorial Stylist

If you’ve got a love for magazines, blogs, and photo advertisements, you might love being an editorial stylist. In this position, you would be in charge of creating the makeup and/or hair looks that the models will wear in the shoot. It’s your responsibility to create looks that match the decided theme of the shoot, or pair well with the clothing the models will wear. People all over the world could potentially see your work in magazines and advertisements.

Model shooting photo with flowers gets her makeup touched up.

Theatrical/Film Stylist

Love show business and the arts? Working as a stylist for films and theater could give you the chance to work behind the scenes. From creating period-accurate hairstyles for a movie to designing dramatic makeup looks for a stage play, there is no limit to what you could create in this job. As a stylist for a production, you would likely work one-on-one with the director, costume designer, and other crew members to make sure the looks are cohesive and fit in with the production’s theme. While you’ll have a concept to work from, it’s up to you to take your creativity and run with it!

Makeup artist applies powder to actor before cameras roll.

Beauty Blogger

For the creatives who also love writing or creating videos, this could be a great option. Beauty bloggers, vloggers, and online influencers are more popular now than ever right now. Tutorials and reviews on YouTube and Instagram have become go-to resources for people who are curious about beauty. With an education in cosmetology, you could use these platforms to answer questions with authority. All you need is a camera, computer, and passion to create.

Two girls show makeup products in front of a camera.

Platform Artist

Want a job that’s part-artist, part-performer, and part-public speaker? Become a platform artist! This career could give you the chance to use your people skills and show off your creative beauty skills to a live audience. It’s a platform artist’s job to demonstrate hair, makeup, and skin care techniques to help others learn. This career choice is great for friendly, creative people who want to teach others about the latest collections, tools, techniques, trends, and methods in the beauty industry.

Demonstrating red lipstick on back of hand.

Kickstart Your Creative Future!

Do any of the above careers sound exciting to you? The first step is getting your cosmetology education! We’d love to welcome you to the family at The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), Shorewood. Contact us today to learn about enrolling in our cosmetology program!

Read more about cosmetology at TSPA Shorewood!

Take Your Makeup Skills to the Next Level With Our MUD Program!

TSPA Shorewood: Official Redken Diamond Academy

TSPA Shorewood’s Top Five Salons Spotlight!

At The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), Shorewood, we are passionate about supporting fellow beauty industry professionals. Our school is proud to be surrounded by some amazing local salons, so we decided to show them a little bit of love! Here are five of our favorites located near Shorewood, Illinois!

1. Bliss Hair Studio

Since 2011, this full-service, modern salon has offered clients a relaxing experiencing in a friendly, welcoming environment. Stylists use innovative techniques and a solid knowledge of hair and makeup trends to give clients the look they want. It’s also a great salon to visit if you’re getting married or in a bridal party, as the service menu includes bridal makeup application, makeup lessons, and bridal hairstyling. From basic haircuts and hair coloring services, to texturing treatments and hair extensions, the team at Bliss Hair Studio can do it all!

Bliss Hair Studio.

Source: facebook.com/BlissHairStudioShorewood

2. Salon Nine

Salon Nine is focused on the artistry and cutting-edge techniques behind beauty techniques. As a premier salon, Salon Nine’s stylists are dedicated to creating an inviting atmosphere and providing trend-led, high-quality services to each individual client. Clients can choose from an extensive list of services that includes hair cutting, coloring, and styling, makeup application, waxing, and more. The staff at Salon Nine only uses high-quality products from top professional brands. When you visit Salon Nine, your stylist will use hand-selected products from brands like Pureology, Moroccanoil, Privé, and Mirabella to achieve the best results possible.

Salon Nine.

Source: facebook.com/Salon9Nine

3. Frank Gironda

For over 40 years, this salon has served clients in a relaxing, positive environment. The Frank Gironda staff strives to nurture the body and spirit while providing excellent customer service. Clients who visit Frank Gironda can always be certain they’ll receive high-quality hair, skin, makeup, and nail services. Classes with well-known industry leaders keep the qualified staff up-to-date on beauty and fashion trends. For a high-end experience that will leave you feeling beautiful and relaxed, visit Frank Gironda!

Frank Gironda Salon and Day Spa

Source: facebook.com/frankgironda/

4. Amato Hair Design

Since opening its doors in 1992, Amato Hair Design has concentrated on professionalism and luxury. In a relaxing salon, you choose from a large menu of services. These include professionally designed haircuts and colors, Keratin smoothing treatments, hair extensions, and professional makeup application. This is a great place if you want to treat yourself and feel refreshed from head to toe. To guarantee the best results possible, professional stylists at Amato Hair Design use top-quality salon products from brands like Aveda, Redken, and Olaplex. Check out this salon out for a high-end hair salon experience that will leave you feeling great!

Amato Hair Design.

Source: facebook.com/AmatoHairDesign/

5. Lisa Thomas

Lisa Thomas Salon is dedicated to providing 100% client satisfaction through modern techniques and trendsetting beauty inspiration. At Lisa Thomas, every stylist aims to go above and beyond the average salon experience. The staff works hard to offer each client an individualized, relaxing experience that upholds standards of professionalism. If you want to change your hairstyle or color, need a fresh manicure for the summer, or want your makeup done for an occasion, the stylists at Lisa Thomas Salon are here to help!

Lisa Thomas Salon.

Source: facebook.com/listathomassalonmokena/

Find Your Future in a Salon!

Do you want to work in a high-end salon one day and help others feel good about themselves? The first step is a great beauty education! At TSPA Shorewood, we offer a cosmetology program that could prepare you for a future in beauty. Contact us today to learn how you can get started on your beauty education.

Read more about beauty here:

Don’t Cheat Your Face Shape! Our Handy Guide Can Help You Look Your Best!

Is Beauty School Right for Me?

Hair Care Tips for Summer

Images shown are not of TSPA Shorewood. Although environments depicted are similar to those at TSPA Shorewood they are direct representations.

Hair Care Tips for Summer

Things are finally heating up! The weather is changing and summer is on its way. That means it’s time for your hair care routine to change as well. At The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), Shorewood, you can learn how to treat and prevent damaged hair in our cosmetology program. For now, here are some of our top warm weather hair care tips.

Avoid Frequent Chemical Treatments

When you spend a lot of time under the hot sun, it can dry out your hair. Summer is also a time for swimming, and pool chemicals can be extremely damaging. Since the hot weather is already rough on hair, try to avoid chemical hair treatments (coloring, highlights, perms) as much as possible throughout the season. If you want to change up your hair color for the summer, make your appointment before the heat gets extreme.

Woman getting blonde hair bleached.

Condition, Condition, Condition!

As we mentioned, the sun is extremely drying to your hair. This is when conditioner and hair masks become your best friends. Regular conditioning after shampooing your hair is great to keep it moisturized. We also recommend using a nourishing hair mask once a week to give your locks some serious hydration. Whether you’re headed to the local pool or going on a beach vacation, you can also use leave-in products like oils and creams to protect your hair from the sun, sand, saltwater, or chlorine.

Dark haired woman uses a hair mask.

Less Heat Styling

It’s already hot outside during summer. If you’re frequently using heat in the form of a curling iron, straightener, or blow dryer, you’re just adding to the damage. Try natural styling techniques that don’t need heated tools. You can braid wet hair and sleep on it overnight for wavy hair. Try using styling creams or texturizing sprays the next day to keep the style intact. The less unnatural heat you can apply to your hair during summer, the better.

Stylist uses a flat iron to give a brunette woman curls.

Shield Your Hair from Chlorine

Chlorine is not your hair’s friend. Luckily, you can still enjoy a refreshing swim without sacrificing your luscious locks. Shower before you enter the pool. When hair cuticles are full of clean water, it’s more difficult for the chlorinated water to cause damage. Before diving into the water, coat your hair in an oil treatment or use a leave-in conditioner. As silly as you might feel, wearing a swim cap is a tried and true protection method. It will keep your hair dry and prevent it from directly contacting the chlorine. Finally, always rinse your hair after swimming to make sure the chemicals don’t build up.

Woman in blue swimsuit with a swim cap.

Be Careful With Color

If your hair is colored, you want to take extra care during the summer to preserve the color and the quality. There are various products on the market that offer UVA and UVB protection. Apply these to your hair before going out in the sun or swimming. After you’re done swimming, shampoo your hair immediately to prevent chemicals or saltwater from drying out your hair. Always make sure to use color-specific shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks. You can also coat your hair with olive oil or coconut oil before jumping in the water, as this barrier prevents chlorine from infiltrating.

Woman with dyed orange and red hair.

Start Your Beauty Education

If you want to learn the ins and outs of seasonal hair care, along with other hair and makeup techniques, consider the cosmetology program at TSPA Shorewood. Call us today to schedule a tour. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you have and provide additional information on the program.

The BEAUTY in Halloween Candy

Trick or treat? Hmmm. How about both? From taste buds to beauty, this is where all things Halloween meet! As seasons change, so do trends. Between Halloween candy and eye candy, we’ve got a taste for both!

Halloween B.C. (Before Candy)

Before trick or treating, Halloween was more about the tricks. October 31st used to be an evening of late-night menace and mischief until the 1940s when parents suggested a better alternative: treats. That stash of eye-catching candy like Reese’s peanut butter pumpkins and Twix you know and love used to be a pile of coins, nuts, and fruits.

twix halloween candy

Whether you go as a mischievous nut or a 1940’s sweetheart, the right makeup tricks will have you looking like a modern-day Halloween treat!

old fashioned pin up 1940s makeup

As health and safety concerns began to mount in the mid 1970s, major brands took advantage of the opportunity and introduced individually-packaged seasonal candy.

A Match Made in Heaven

Peanut butter and chocolate go together like red lips and falsies. It’s a classic! But while lipstick has been used for centuries, Reese’s was invented in the 1920s. Harry Reese, a Hershey employee, made candy in his basement as a side hustle to help support his family. His peanut butter cups were a wild success! In 1963, he sold his candy company to the Hershey company for $23.5 million. Good news for trick or treaters everywhere! Now THAT’S a treat worth smudging your lip color for!

This seasonal take on one of America’s favorites didn’t hit the shelves until 1992. It was about time! Orange eyeshadow, eyeliner spider webs, and even spooky accessories…We love seasonal products!

reeses peanut butter cups

festive halloween witch

orange lipstick

Cute or Too (Candy) Corny?

Ah, the candy so many love to hate. Created in the 1880s and nicknamed until the 1950s as “chicken feed”, this treat was made to look just like the dried corn given to chickens. It wasn’t until the 1930s that it gained its signature tri-color look: the perfect manicure template.

candy corn nails

Halloween as we know it today is a night of spooks, sugar rushes, and SCARY good costumes. So suit up and splurge on the king size! Still don’t know how to dress up? Get some Halloween cat eye inspo with our quiz here

Interested in learning more about makeup application? Our cosmetology program could be right for you.