The BEAUTY in Halloween Candy

Trick or treat? Hmmm. How about both? From taste buds to beauty, this is where all things Halloween meet! As seasons change, so do trends. Between Halloween candy and eye candy, we’ve got a taste for both!

Halloween B.C. (Before Candy)

Before trick or treating, Halloween was more about the tricks. October 31st used to be an evening of late-night menace and mischief until the 1940s when parents suggested a better alternative: treats. That stash of eye-catching candy like Reese’s peanut butter pumpkins and Twix you know and love used to be a pile of coins, nuts, and fruits.

twix halloween candy

Whether you go as a mischievous nut or a 1940’s sweetheart, the right makeup tricks will have you looking like a modern-day Halloween treat!

old fashioned pin up 1940s makeup

As health and safety concerns began to mount in the mid 1970s, major brands took advantage of the opportunity and introduced individually-packaged seasonal candy.

A Match Made in Heaven

Peanut butter and chocolate go together like red lips and falsies. It’s a classic! But while lipstick has been used for centuries, Reese’s was invented in the 1920s. Harry Reese, a Hershey employee, made candy in his basement as a side hustle to help support his family. His peanut butter cups were a wild success! In 1963, he sold his candy company to the Hershey company for $23.5 million. Good news for trick or treaters everywhere! Now THAT’S a treat worth smudging your lip color for!

This seasonal take on one of America’s favorites didn’t hit the shelves until 1992. It was about time! Orange eyeshadow, eyeliner spider webs, and even spooky accessories…We love seasonal products!

reeses peanut butter cups

festive halloween witch

orange lipstick

Cute or Too (Candy) Corny?

Ah, the candy so many love to hate. Created in the 1880s and nicknamed until the 1950s as “chicken feed”, this treat was made to look just like the dried corn given to chickens. It wasn’t until the 1930s that it gained its signature tri-color look: the perfect manicure template.

candy corn nails

Halloween as we know it today is a night of spooks, sugar rushes, and SCARY good costumes. So suit up and splurge on the king size! Still don’t know how to dress up? Get some Halloween cat eye inspo with our quiz here

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