Hair Care Tips for Summer

Things are finally heating up! The weather is changing and summer is on its way. That means it’s time for your hair care routine to change as well. At The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), Shorewood, you can learn how to treat and prevent damaged hair in our cosmetology program. For now, here are some of our top warm weather hair care tips.

Avoid Frequent Chemical Treatments

When you spend a lot of time under the hot sun, it can dry out your hair. Summer is also a time for swimming, and pool chemicals can be extremely damaging. Since the hot weather is already rough on hair, try to avoid chemical hair treatments (coloring, highlights, perms) as much as possible throughout the season. If you want to change up your hair color for the summer, make your appointment before the heat gets extreme.

Woman getting blonde hair bleached.

Condition, Condition, Condition!

As we mentioned, the sun is extremely drying to your hair. This is when conditioner and hair masks become your best friends. Regular conditioning after shampooing your hair is great to keep it moisturized. We also recommend using a nourishing hair mask once a week to give your locks some serious hydration. Whether you’re headed to the local pool or going on a beach vacation, you can also use leave-in products like oils and creams to protect your hair from the sun, sand, saltwater, or chlorine.

Dark haired woman uses a hair mask.

Less Heat Styling

It’s already hot outside during summer. If you’re frequently using heat in the form of a curling iron, straightener, or blow dryer, you’re just adding to the damage. Try natural styling techniques that don’t need heated tools. You can braid wet hair and sleep on it overnight for wavy hair. Try using styling creams or texturizing sprays the next day to keep the style intact. The less unnatural heat you can apply to your hair during summer, the better.

Stylist uses a flat iron to give a brunette woman curls.

Shield Your Hair from Chlorine

Chlorine is not your hair’s friend. Luckily, you can still enjoy a refreshing swim without sacrificing your luscious locks. Shower before you enter the pool. When hair cuticles are full of clean water, it’s more difficult for the chlorinated water to cause damage. Before diving into the water, coat your hair in an oil treatment or use a leave-in conditioner. As silly as you might feel, wearing a swim cap is a tried and true protection method. It will keep your hair dry and prevent it from directly contacting the chlorine. Finally, always rinse your hair after swimming to make sure the chemicals don’t build up.

Woman in blue swimsuit with a swim cap.

Be Careful With Color

If your hair is colored, you want to take extra care during the summer to preserve the color and the quality. There are various products on the market that offer UVA and UVB protection. Apply these to your hair before going out in the sun or swimming. After you’re done swimming, shampoo your hair immediately to prevent chemicals or saltwater from drying out your hair. Always make sure to use color-specific shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks. You can also coat your hair with olive oil or coconut oil before jumping in the water, as this barrier prevents chlorine from infiltrating.

Woman with dyed orange and red hair.

Start Your Beauty Education

If you want to learn the ins and outs of seasonal hair care, along with other hair and makeup techniques, consider the cosmetology program at TSPA Shorewood. Call us today to schedule a tour. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you have and provide additional information on the program.