2017 Recap! Our Favorite Student Created Looks!

2017 was an amazing year for everyone here at The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Shorewood! We welcomed dozens of new students to our school and saw dozens more graduate and move onto licensing and a future career in cosmetology.

It’s those accomplishments that we are most proud of; between the growth in skill and grow in soul, it has been an amazing year full of a whole lot of fun.

Here are our favorite styles, and our favorite moments from 2017.

Mastering Our Skill


The first step in our student’s journeys is learning the basics, and that means practicing our skill on stand-ins before we advance to real clients. Don’t let our smiles fool you, we are having a ton of fun!

A POP of Color


The rainbow craze was in full swing this year, and this amazing hidden rainbow created by one of our many students not only demonstrated the skill, but the attention to detail we promote in our students. We love this perfectly hidden look!

Bring on the Magic



As part of our student workshops we created out of this world looks. This mermaid look, complete with hair and makeup, was one of our faves. Completed by one of our talented students, we couldn’t be more proud of all they accomplished!

The Perfect Curls, The Perfect Date


One of the most fun jobs as a cosmetologist is helping to create the perfect look for dances, and even weddings. This beautiful look by our student, Dana Cody, sent this young lady to homecoming style!

Perfect Your Braids


There are some many skills for a cosmetologist to master! We love bringing in guest speakers and talented cosmetologists to help our students make the most of their TSPA experience. We were honored to welcome Andrelle Player from Salon 1229 to our classroom to teach us about her hair braiding techniques.

Blonde Bombshell


This blonde balayage breathed new life into our student, Betty’s, client. She did a great job brightening and repairing her dyed and damaged locks. This can be a complicated skill, and one we are always eager to help our students master.

We Gave Back


The annual Trim Hunger Fundraising event was a huge success this year, and one we are always proud to participate in. We love giving back as well as demonstrating the benefit of community to our students.

We Showed Our Wild Side



No matter where we got our fear on, Halloween was a great success, and a whole lot of fun, for us this year! We loved dressing up, and showing our wild side!

From Start to Finish, You’re Home


More than hair, more than parties, more than giving back; at The Salon Professional Academy, Shorewood we strove to create a family. A family that will see you through and support you no matter what comes your way! We share a dream! Together we will see it happen!

What will our next year hold?

Do you have a passion for cosmetology? Are you looking for a school that will support you as you reach for your dreams? Schedule a visit at The Salon Professional Academy, Shorewood and discover how our educators not only share your dreams but seek to make you soar.

Let us help you make your 2018 as memorable as our 2017.